Best Paneer Masala Recipe |How to make Paneer Masala

Learn how to make Paneer masala recipe.Paneer masala is also a very famous paneer recipes like butter paneer,paneer tikka,shahi paneer etc. Paneer masala is from the north indian cuisine of indian recipes which is often served with butter bread naans and plain rice/jeera rice.paneer masala is a gravy dish which includes lot sof onions,tomato and butter.

Paneer Masala is often the most ordered paneer recipe in the restaurants of northern india. I Really love paneer masala recipe with bread naans.

for making a perfect paneer masala all you need is to make the masala really good and yummy.i had added all possible steps below to make it the best paneer masala recipe Continue reading “Best Paneer Masala Recipe |How to make Paneer Masala”

Chole bhature recipe | how to make chole bhature,Bhatura full recipe

Learn how to make chole bhature easily at home. Chole bhature is a recipe from punjab cuisine and a delhi street food. chole bhature recipe is combination of chana masala i.e chole and fried breads i.e bhatura. Chole bhature is the breakfast recipe of north western india.

It is  a very famous recipe now that is being ordered all around the world as people love chole bhature completely basically in UK,USA,Canada etc. chole bhature is spicy and so tasty that it should be eaten hot. whenever i visit any dhaba or street stall i love to order chole bhature and i can’t pass away from there without eating chole bhature. Continue reading “Chole bhature recipe | how to make chole bhature,Bhatura full recipe”

Rajma masala recipes | how to make easy punjabi rajma masala recipe

Learn how to make punjabi rajma masala recipe (red kidney beans recipes) Rajma masala recipe is basically from the punjab cuisine of indian recipes. rajma masala is cooked with red kidney beans in a thick gravy with lots of whole spices to give it a masala flavour. rajma masala is the most served vegetarian dish in india. i love it too much. you might be surprised to know that rajma masala recipe is a indian dish but for the first time red kidney beans was bought from mexico.

For making rajma masala you must soak it for atleast 9-10 hours because when you cook it , it don’t take much time to get cooked. its a mouth watering dish. rajma or kdney beans must be fried and mixed well with the masala unless it may give you uncooked flavour. Continue reading “Rajma masala recipes | how to make easy punjabi rajma masala recipe”