Best Paneer Masala Recipe |How to make Paneer Masala

Learn how to make Paneer masala recipe.Paneer masala is also a very famous paneer recipes like butter paneer,paneer tikka,shahi paneer etc. Paneer masala is from the north indian cuisine of indian recipes which is often served with butter bread naans and plain rice/jeera rice.paneer masala is a gravy dish which includes lot sof onions,tomato and butter.

Paneer Masala is often the most ordered paneer recipe in the restaurants of northern india. I Really love paneer masala recipe with bread naans.

for making a perfect paneer masala all you need is to make the masala really good and yummy.i had added all possible steps below to make it the best paneer masala recipe Continue reading “Best Paneer Masala Recipe |How to make Paneer Masala”

Paneer Recipes | How to make paneer at home easily and quickly

Learn how to make paneer (cheese) at home with step by step photos. paneer is made by fermenting the milk with the help o lemon juice.In few simple steps we can make paneer at home very below the below steps and your homemade easy paneer is ready to make various dishes like palak paneer,shahi paneer,paneer butter masala and also some sweets too.

Am really afraid of buying paneer from the market as plenty of them sold unfresh and adulteration paneer. whenever i want to make paneer recipes i prefer preparing paneer (cheese) at home at day before and put it in freezer so that it gets sponge. Continue reading “Paneer Recipes | How to make paneer at home easily and quickly”

Kadai Paneer Recipe | How to make easy kadai paneer gravy recipe

Learn how to make simple and easy kadai paneer gravy recipe at home.Kadai paneer gravy is a simple and delicious recipe in which tomato puree is used for making kadai paneer. It is a famous recipe around punjab and delhi. these recipe has a very unique name i.e kadai paneer because it is cooked it a wok or kadai and also served in a wok. i love kadai paneer because these is a very unique paneer recipe as it do not contain too much ingredients but still kadai paneer gravy taste far better than other paneer recipes.

When i was graduated from my college, we friends visited a near restaurant to celebrate. we were going to order butter paneer and naan but when i saw kadai paneer it seems to me unique so i ordered it and really we guys loved the kadai paneer gravy recipe with butter naan. you can have kadai paneer with naan,plain roti,pulao and plain rice. Continue reading “Kadai Paneer Recipe | How to make easy kadai paneer gravy recipe”

Palak Paneer Recipe | How to Make Palak Paneer recipe (Spinach paneer)

Learn how to make palak paneer or spinach paneer complete recipe.Palak paneer is a traditional dish from punjab cuisine of indian recipes.for making palak paneer recipe you need to boil the spinach leaves (palak) first than rinse the palak (spinach leaves) in cold water. palak paneer is vegetarian recipe that is being cooked in the north india every week. In punjab its became a tradition to eat palak paneer as its a healthy recipe. in palak you get lots of vitamin too.

for making palak paneer the spinach leaves i.e the palak need to be grinded well and  cooked with the garam masala and for making the palak paneer i recommend you to use fresh paneer. Continue reading “Palak Paneer Recipe | How to Make Palak Paneer recipe (Spinach paneer)”

Shahi Paneer Recipe | How to make Restaurant style Shahi Paneer Recipe

Learn how to make restaurant style Shahi paneer full recipe.Shahi paneer recipe is a mughals recipes and as the name prescribes the recipe of royals i,e the mughals. for making shahi paneer recipe the tomato needs to fried well with the onions and after that grind it to make a perfect puree. after that cook the paneer cubes in the puree with some fresh cream.

shahi paneer is mainly served with butter naan or plain rice. but i prefer it will biryani rice.

the Shahi paneer is created by the mughal empire in punjab (india nad pakistan). shahi paneer is a delicious recipe as it includes a lot of butter in it and fresh cream too. when the first time i eat it at the restaurant i feel like a mughal emperor (don’t take it serious i was kidding). but its a tasty paneer recipe. i prefer making shahi paneer at the start of the month as that time i can use alot of desi ghee in it. Continue reading “Shahi Paneer Recipe | How to make Restaurant style Shahi Paneer Recipe”