Best Mutton Biryani Recipes | How to make Awadhi Mutton Biryani Recipe

Learn how to make awadhi mutton biryani (lucknowi biryani recipe). Awadhi biryani is a mughals recipe from lucknow city. it is the most loved biryani all over the awadhi cuisine. for making awadhi mutton biryani the mutton is cooked with onions,whole spices and ginger garlic paste and the rice is layed over the mutton and is cooked in steam in a dum process.awadhi mutton biryani is a mixed mutton rice recipe , another variety of biryani recipes. awahi or lucknowi mutton biryani is so yummy that whenever anyone visit lucknow . they don’t forget to eat the famous awadhi biryani and the kababs if he is a foodie like me.

For making awadhi biryani,all you need is to have the ingredients required which makes it the most flavorful biryani recipe. Cooking awadhi biryani is very easy and simple. just do follow to below steps, i had also included photos so that it get more easier for you to make awadhi mutton biryani recipe. Continue reading “Best Mutton Biryani Recipes | How to make Awadhi Mutton Biryani Recipe”

how to make restaurant style hyderabadi dum chicken biryani recipe

Learn how to make chicken Hyderabadi Dum biryani with step by step photos.Chicken biryani is a yummy and tasty recipe from the mughals.chicken biryani is a mixed rice chicken dish and taste way far beter than other chicken rice recipes. for making chicken biryani restaurant style we need chicken,quality basmati rice and lots of whole spices for the marination of chicken biryani.

You might be aware of eating Dum biryani at restaurants but you might have not seen how they make hyderabadi Dum chicken biryani at am going to teach you how to make perfect hyderabadi restaurant style chicken biryani recipe.

Now a Days , In Restaurants at hyderabad they are no more adding the whole spices while making biryani because the trend has come when you eat biryani you don’t want to whole spices to come in the mouth .You know why they are doing these ,to cut the cost as powdering the whole spices gives you 4 times flavour . even 1/4th of it can give you enough flavour.they are making easy chicken biryani recipe. Continue reading “how to make restaurant style hyderabadi dum chicken biryani recipe”