Chicken Lollipop recipe | How to make Restaurant Style Chicken lollipop

Learn how to make chicken lollipop full Recipe.Chicken lollipop recipe – It is a Indian Chinese Cuisine,a hot,spicy and crispy appetizer made with Chicken lollipop wings. I love Chicken lollipop so much that whenever i visit any restaurant i order chicken lollipop there.for making a perfect chicken lollipop the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down to create a lollipop appearance. In the Restaurants,it is basically served with Szechuan Sauce or sweet chili sauce.

Chicken lollipop is a fusion recipe and a Snack item.for the starters who are going to make it just remove the meat from the bone end of the chicken wings so that it look like a lollipop. Don’t worry its easy and i know you are gonna make it perfect , you know what i had also mistaken several times but at the last i learned the art of cutting and perfect chicken lollipop. Continue reading “Chicken Lollipop recipe | How to make Restaurant Style Chicken lollipop”

Indian Butter Chicken Recipe|How to make easy Butter Chicken Recipe Murgh Makhani

Learn how to make indian butter chicken with step by step pictures. Butter Chicken recipe (murgh makhani) is a indian dish basically from punjabi cuisines. indian butter chicken is often served at the weddings and celebrations in punjab. Butter chicken so much popularity that it has become a globle dish which is loved all around the world.The chicken is usually cooked in a tandoor but may be grilled, roasted, or pan fried.

Butter chicken (murgh makhani) is basically prepared with lots of tomatoes,butter and fresh cream. I really love butter chicken recipe, especially when i want a healthy diet as it contains lots of butter (huge fat). it is basically served with naans,plain rice,pulao etc. Continue reading “Indian Butter Chicken Recipe|How to make easy Butter Chicken Recipe Murgh Makhani”

How to make easy indian chicken tikka masala recipe

Learn how to make easy chicken tikka masala recipe.chicken tikka masala is a Indian recipe but a most popular dish in the united kingdom. chicken tikka is a boneless chicken cutted into cubes than grilled and roasted over high flame than cooked in a gravy. chicken tikka recipe is a very famous recipe that has topped the list of chicken recipes now a days.for making chicken tikka we need to marinate the chicken first in yogurt and whole spices and let the chicken marinate for an hour.

There is a interesting fact about chicken tikka masala, a british politician said in 2001 that it was a national dish of a days too, chicken tikka masala is the most seved recipe in the united kingdom. Continue reading “How to make easy indian chicken tikka masala recipe”

Chicken Dopiaza recipes | how to make chicken dopiaza recipe

Learn how to make chicken dopiaza recipe at home.Chicken dopiaza recipe is a indo-pak recipe basically from telengana and punjab. chicken do paiaza recipe is a very interesting recipe which requires alot on onions. In chicken dopiaza , the onions are added to the chicken in two stages that makes the dopiaza recipe a unique one. chicken dopiaza is created by the mughals . we know that chicken recipe without onions has no taste.

Chicken dopiaza recipe is from the hyderabadi cuisine. people just love to order chicken dopiaza because of its sweetness and a deep gravy too.

Basically to make chicken dopiaza we require chicken,onions,ginger-garlic paste and whole the below post, i had added all the possible images and steps to help you make chicken dopiaza recipe. Continue reading “Chicken Dopiaza recipes | how to make chicken dopiaza recipe”

Chicken 65 Recipes | How to make hyderabadi chicken 65 restaurant style

Learn how to make hyderabadi Chicken 65 recipe restaurant style . Chicken 65 is from hyderabadi cuisine of indian recipes. chicken 65 is basically a snack item. people says chicken 65 was introduced in the year 1965. for making hyderabadi chicken 65 recipe you need chicken breasts,yogurt,curry leaves,ginger garlic and red chili paste. chicken 65 is a world class recipe that is being served all around the world.

The Chicken 65 recipe is very special because it had got a unique name and people around the india and world always wanna know why these recipe is called chicken 65.

You wanna know why it is called chicken 65. these recipe is very unique so i had learned these recipe personally from various restaurants. Continue reading “Chicken 65 Recipes | How to make hyderabadi chicken 65 restaurant style”